Thursday, August 4, 2011

Make your contents always more profitable: follow their trends

It’s what Bachbill could propose you: Make your website always more profitable. Bachbill does not only content itself with charging your different contents, it permits you furthermore to control and follow the trends of your revenues.

Video at : Bachbill tv : Reporting

With the reporting function included in Bachbill, you will be able to detect the most profitable contents. By giving you a detailed report of your different incomes, identifying the most profitable category of contents is being easier with Bachbill.  Ideal for refocusing on the most rewarding (Reporting is explained by the following video)

Bachbill will also provide you some trends about your contents and their monetization (as shown in the second video)

Bachbill is then an ideal means for you to make your income always more growing. It will enable you to control your contents and to detect their trends. It gives you some of the most important key of success, we let you imagine how you could adapt it to your activity.

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