Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bachbill on VF Mobile Clicks #vmc11

Finally, it was not Luis Carvalho who gave the presentation on VF Mobile Clicks but CTO Andoni Arostegi. As scheduled, we gave the presentation on our business case and plan on the 22nd August, opening the session at 10:00. This is the presentation.

After we did, the other candidates did so: Gootaxi, MobileDOC, TiendaTek and Yuilop

Well, we did not pass to the final in Amsterdam but we got a very valuable feedback from the jury, some of it very positive
"Bachbill has one of the clearest usecases and you clearly demonstrated to offer good solution for operators and a good capacity to bundle and tackle a hot item with in app purchases"
and, even more valuable, the room for improvement part. We are already working on go to market plan and brand name as they suggested.

We wish all participants good luck and great fun on the final that will take place in Amsterdam on 15th - 16th September.

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