Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The new Wordpress plug-in for Bachbill is coming soon!

   Wordpress is a very popular CMS. It was created more for blogging purposes but it became very common in other scenarios too. One of the most important reasons for that is that Wordpress has a very powerful extensibility system, which is plug-in based.
   Wordpress plug-ins are very modular and they offer an easy way to add functionality to the system, even for people who have not much or no technical background at all.
   Bachbill is a powerful system to monetize any kind of content and manage the users and their subscriptions to those contents. It also allows several partners to publish and sell content together, reporting the trends and results and sharing the revenue that these operations create.
   Bachbill helps boosting customer’s loyalty by giving a rich content offer like services, bundles of several services and promotion campaigns with discounts.
   It also offers a set of predefined payment gateways like PayPal, credit cards, PlaySpan, as well as a very easy integration mechanism to add more payment gateways.
   It also helps merchants by giving the possibility to optionally log users by OAuth with their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google and LinkedIn. User’s activity can be tracked easily and social interaction made easier too, giving added value to our customers.

The Wordpress Plug-in for Bachbill allows you to monetize easily the contents you publish in Wordpress and optionally enables also logging your customers in by the social networks. The main features are:
-       Social network login by Oauth (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google and LinkedIn)
-       Content rating. Setting price to contents, bundling of services, promotions
-       Pay per view, time based subscriptions, based on number of accesses, recurring subscriptions
-       Payments by PayPal and credit cards
-       Content preview
-       Widget to display user’s subscriptions
-       Reporting of information like service usage, revenue per bundle, promotions penetration, …
-       Access to the Bachbill administration to add more extensions or functionality if required

You can see clicking the link below a tutorial about how to get started on selling contents:

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