Thursday, May 12, 2011

Implementation of in-app purchase using Bachbill

Let us see see it through an example. You have downloaded a game and you are playing it and, at some point, you would like to add your high score to the public list, play the next game level or do any other premium event.
In that case, there are two options:
- first, the game redirects you to the game portal and make you download a new version of the game with that particular feature enabled.
- second, the game performs an in-app purchase call to unlock the already present feature.
It looks obvious that the second one is the best from the customer experience perspective.

In Bachbill, we have implemented the in-app purchase function for the android tic-tac-toe game and the code is available for you to review, download and reuse.

Do you have any questions about this feature? Ask our CTO @aaroste

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