Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Portal for developers

We are putting together a portal for developers. You can read through it and learn details on how Bachbill can be used.

Our CTO, Andoni Arostegi, is leading the effort and, so far, the content covers:
  • Get started:
    • How to sign up into the sandbox
    • How to define a basic price plan
    • Playing around with REST API
  • API documentation
    • REST API for java
    • Administration web service: how to command the tools using web services.
  • Examples: downloadable sample applications. They are also available for you on our sandbox.
    • Basic sample application using subscriptions, bundles ....
    • Sign up by social network OAuth
    • Connecting to payment gateway (do not worry, no payment is made at all, this is a sandbox)
  • Forum for discussions
Again, feel free to drop comments.

1 comment:

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