Thursday, February 17, 2011

Social network authentication (OAuth) using Bachbill APIs

We all think it is a pain to repeat the signing up process for every internet application.
I always complain ... if I already do have a Facebook account, why do not they use it for my authentication and fill my signup information?
Why do I have to write my name, email address and other stuff every time?

We hope we can help here as we have implemented a plugin for this in Bachbill.

We provide an implementation of the OAuth protocol within Bachbill. Anybody can sign up into Bacbhill through accounts of the most popular social networks, namely, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or generic internet service providers like Google and Yahoo.

You also can let Bachbill manage for you the sign up process of your application.

Keep a closer look at the details on our wiki and give us feedback, plugin is not closed yet.

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