Monday, February 21, 2011

Current line of work: building sample apps as open source

Yes, we are developing sample applications and making the source code available.
We have developed a simple sample app that implements subscription and product bundle management.

The signup process could go through either way:
-- the usual username and password (you can invent any, we are in a sandbox)
-- using OAuth protocol to signup with another plataform's credentials - facebook, twitter, linkedin, yahoo and gmail are available. We promise we will not spam you afterwards.

You can download the sample app and deploy it in your systems

But you also can test it on our sandbox

What is the purpose of this line of work? Easy, we intend to show you how to implement applications using Bachbill APIs. Also, providing you with the skeleton of your future application, you will not need to start from the scratch but from a piece of code that works.

We are open for comments, feedback ...

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