Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We have a product that ….

We have a product that we feel might fit very well into this model resulting in a more flexible and adaptative choice to the customer.
Users now are also keen into paying for premium content or services that maps their needs and tastes. We provide an easy way to monetize/sell content (or any kind of product) with flexible features and an simple interface.
We aim for both big providers and end tail, making it easy as well to have partner agreements and pack multiple source bundles to offer to the end user.The platform is very easy to integrate and contains a plugin module to adapt to any specific needs, besides the big set of features it already provides out-of-the-box (subscriptions, bundles, promotions, several payment interfaces).
With this platform we believe it is easy to present final customers with a very flexible, adaptative and attractive set of both premium content and services.

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