Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bachbill on VF Mobile Clicks #vmc11

Finally, it was not Luis Carvalho who gave the presentation on VF Mobile Clicks but CTO Andoni Arostegi. As scheduled, we gave the presentation on our business case and plan on the 22nd August, opening the session at 10:00. This is the presentation.

After we did, the other candidates did so: Gootaxi, MobileDOC, TiendaTek and Yuilop

Well, we did not pass to the final in Amsterdam but we got a very valuable feedback from the jury, some of it very positive
"Bachbill has one of the clearest usecases and you clearly demonstrated to offer good solution for operators and a good capacity to bundle and tackle a hot item with in app purchases"
and, even more valuable, the room for improvement part. We are already working on go to market plan and brand name as they suggested.

We wish all participants good luck and great fun on the final that will take place in Amsterdam on 15th - 16th September.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Repost: AppStore, Blackberry App World, Android Market... o HTML5

Buena reflexión de Ricard Bou en su blog La Ideoteca sobre cómo HTML5 puede influir en los mercados de aplicaciones actuales.
Desde luego que parece una buena oportunidad para productos como el nuestro.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Bachbill is selected for the second round of Vodafone Mobile Clicks

   A couple of months ago, we were told about Vodafone Mobile Clicks and, although we are not 100% focussed on the mobile market, we decided to send them our business plan.
   Last Tuesday (9th Aug), we got great news, we were selected as one of the five shortlisted startups in Spain and we are in the second round of the contest.
   Next step will be to attend a meeting in Madrid (22nd August) to compete for being the country finalist who will go Amsterdam to the worldwide final.
   Luis Carvalho who has sound and long experience in the mobile market will be the one holding Bachbill's stake on the 22nd meeting.
   We hope Bachbill's flexibility, extendibility and easiness of integration will be appreciated by the audience and, why not, by the judges. Wish us good luck! :-)

About Vodafone Mobile Clicks:
Vodafone Mobile Clicks is an international contest to identify and develop the best, most innovative mobile internet start-ups.  Announced at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, the closing date for entries is midnight CET on 12th June, 2011.
Already known as the biggest start-up competition of its kind, this year’s Vodafone Mobile Clicks is open to seven markets. Any start-up in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Turkey or the United Kingdom that has a mobile site, service or application can compete for the €225,000 prize fund.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make the integration effortless with Bachbill

        Integration of billing systems is most offen associated with "pain", mainly due to its complexity ant the costs it can generate. 
Integrating Bachbill in your own system doesn't really represent an obstacle.

        Intuitive, self documented API's, quick rollout and easy to open to third parties, Bachbill enjoys powerful integration skills.

Furthermore Bachbill's web service channel permits you to automate all administrative activities.
Because you don't need an army of developers anymore, you are able to expense less money and also to win time.

==> Bachbill enjoys both easy integration process and  powerful automation skills.

                                                    video at : Bachbilltv Easy set up and integration

You can also find all the characteristics of Bachbill in our website : 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Publishers Are Dealing With Apple’s In-App Subscription Policies | paidContent

Apple’s deadline for app owners to run content subscriptions through iTunes or not at all may have passed on June 30, but compliance is emerging unevenly - or not at all.

A month after the deadline elapsed, e-book vendors and The Wall Street Journal (NSDQ: NWS) last week became compliant by sending subscription transactions within their own apps or through links to web-based sign-ups and, in Google Books’ case, by exiting the App Store entirely before returning with a compliant app. Publishers on iOS are no longer allowed to sell subscriptions within their apps using the in-app purchasing technology unless they give Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) a 30 percent cut of the transaction, and they also have to allow Apple control the personal data of subscribers

Read more ....

How Publishers Are Dealing With Apple’s In-App Subscription Policies | paidContent

Make your contents always more profitable: follow their trends

It’s what Bachbill could propose you: Make your website always more profitable. Bachbill does not only content itself with charging your different contents, it permits you furthermore to control and follow the trends of your revenues.

Video at : Bachbill tv : Reporting

With the reporting function included in Bachbill, you will be able to detect the most profitable contents. By giving you a detailed report of your different incomes, identifying the most profitable category of contents is being easier with Bachbill.  Ideal for refocusing on the most rewarding (Reporting is explained by the following video)

Bachbill will also provide you some trends about your contents and their monetization (as shown in the second video)

Bachbill is then an ideal means for you to make your income always more growing. It will enable you to control your contents and to detect their trends. It gives you some of the most important key of success, we let you imagine how you could adapt it to your activity.

Sunday, July 31, 2011